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Emergency Response and Preparedness

Emergency response is critical in ensuring that an organization is prepared to manage disaster and crisis. Nicoletti-Flater Associates offers training in emergency response. N-FA training goals include educating an organization on crisis and violence detection, prevention and intervention strategies, as well as physical and psychological clean-up following a crisis. Nicoletti-Flater Associates also offers highly knowledgeable, multi-disciplinary teams to review current policies or aid in establishing new policies and procedures prior to a crisis. This team can also aid in: development of a crisis response team, information vortex development, communication during a crisis, victim identification, media management, command center operations, and working with law enforcement and other emergency responders.  
Business Continuity
Business continuity during and after a crisis is essential in restoring a sense of safety and normalcy within an organization. Best practice strategies will allow for stabilization and a decrease in overall cost to business productivity in the case of a crisis or disaster. Nicoletti-Flater Associates has expertise in crisis and disaster planning, as well as, reviewing an organization’s current policies and procedures. N-FA can also assist in the area of educating employees in disaster and crisis response.
Disaster Recovery

Following a critical incident, highly trained professionals need to be present in order to decrease the likelihood of further traumatization and long-term psychological impact and increase people’s overall recovery. Nicoletti-Flater Associates can help with: planning for building repair and clean-up, victim assistance, trauma intervention, and restoring agency confidence and a sense of security. 

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